Build the Case and Make the Close

This course is for HR professionals who are interested in implementing Fair Chance Hiring at their organizations, but they don’t have full buy-in from leadership. This session helps participants craft a compelling pitch for the leaders at their organization to see the business benefit.

Internal Communications for your Fair Chance Employment Strategy

This course helps organizations to create an internal communications plan to get employees on board and excited about your fair chance employment program. We’ll help you determine creative ways to message this program in a way that helps your staff see how this program supports the existing mission, vision, and values of your organization.

Identifying Stakeholders

This course will provide participants with the necessary tools and skills to identify who this Fair Chance program will impact in your organization. By identifying your allies and stakeholders, you’ll know when to engage these groups in the planning of your program and how to get them inspired.

Recruiting Justice-Impacted Talent

This course helps HR leaders to develop equitable recruitment strategies, specifically welcoming justice impacted job candidates. In this course, we’ll analyze how to most effectively attract qualified candidates and search for skills rather than traditional paths of education and employment.

Language Matters

This workshop provides a practical guide of how to speak about justice-impacted job candidates in a way that is accurate, respectful, and empowering. We’ll provide a framework for determining how to use people- first language, then synthesize learnings to develop recommendations to take to your own organization.

External Messaging

This course helps organizations to create an external communications plan to reach customers, job candidates, and investors. We’ll help you determine the brand of championship that is right for your organization and identify creative ways to communicate your hiring practices with the public in a way that will enroll support.