Bias Awareness and Mitigation in the Workplace

  Bias is a common error of thinking that is so prevalent that we may not know we have it. This course will explore how bias shows up in our workplaces, and what we can do to help bring awareness to instances of bias at work.  

Effective Onboarding and Retention Strategies

  Your company onboarding can make or break your new hire’s experience with your organization. By thoughtfully considering how to welcome employees at your company, you are providing them with tools that will increase their engagement for the duration of their time with you. In this course, we’ll explore aspects of the employee experience that […]

Normalizing Opportunity

  Normalizing Opportunity is the title of a policy framework and advocacy campaign developed by Job’s for the Future’s Center for Justice and Economic Advancement. The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness and create economic mobility opportunities for people with records. Normalizing Opportunity goes beyond just hiring, it is a holistic societal approach to removing […]

Fair Chance Employment 101

  Welcome to Fair Chance Employment 101! The goal of this course is to help employers in the early stages of exploring fair chance hiring understand what Fair Chance Hiring is and how to map out our first steps. If your organization already has a program in place, you’ll learn ways to further refine your […]

Language Matters

  How should we speak about our job candidates who have been impacted by the legal system? This course addresses the basics of “people-first language”, and how to assess if the words you are using to describe your job candidates is appropriate, accurate, and focuses on our shared humanity. This course includes a downloadable guide […]